♻️ Should I recycle or repeat my posts?

The differences between recycled posts and repeating posts

Reposting well-performing or well-loved content is so easy here in Post Planner! 👌

In this article I will show you the difference between recycling posts and repeating posts.

Recycling Posts

Recycling is re-using already posted content to repost it on another date and time depending on the number of posts there are in the queue.

In the Post Planner app you can see and select the recycle button ♻️ on PUBLISHING > PLANNED.

You can also see and toggle the recycle button ♻️ while creating a post using the post composer.

So, what happens when this recycle button is activated? 🤔

What the recycle button does is as soon as your post has been published as scheduled on your plan, it will automatically go to the bottom of the queue.

If you have 20 posts in the queue and a recycling post publishes, it goes from the 1st position in the queue back to the 20th position. Then after all 19 other posts have published, it publishes again, and then is sent to the end of the queue again.

In this example, the July 26th post will be reposted on July 8th because there were posts created under the plan until July 7th.

Repeating Posts

The biggest difference between recycling and repeating posts is that repeating posts have pre-determined reposting intervals. 📅 🕒

Unlike recycling posts where the date and time of their repost will be determined by the length of your existing queue, repeating posts are set according to the "repeat" schedule placed while creating the posts.

To set a repeating post, go to the post composer, click the down arrow to select "Schedule Post".

Select the posting time and date then click on the check box next to "Repeat every"

Configure the interval of the repeat post. You may choose from days, weeks or months then click on "Schedule" to create the repeating post.

Note that you will only see the first instance of the repeating post on the plan. Once that post has been posted the next instance will appear according to your repeat schedule.

You'll also notice that repeating posts have an "R" in it to indicate that it has a repeating schedule.