🤔 Should I queue or schedule my posts?

The differences between queued and scheduled posts

All your future posts in Post Planner fall under "Planned" in the Posts section.

But there are 2 distinct type of posts in planned:

  • Queued posts

  • Scheduled posts

Queued posts

Queued posts are posts that are queued up and published according to your Queue plan, which you set up and manage in the Queue Plans section of the app here:


For queued posts, you don't have to select an exact publishing time/date when you create the post. You just compose the post and click "Add to Queue". Then the post is queued up in the next time slot where it is allowed.

You can see your queued posts (without scheduled posts) here:


Scheduled posts

You use scheduled posts when you want to publish a post at a specific time in the future. For example, if I wanted to publish a post on April 1, 2023 at 7:15am, I could schedule the post to publish at this exact time.

Scheduled posts operate and publish completely independent of the plans you set up in Queue Plans.

You can see your scheduled posts (without queue posts) here: