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🔥 What are the newest features?

Post Planner's latest feature releases + product roadmap

At Post Planner, we're constantly adding improvements to the app! 💪

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Updated: January 5, 2023




  • Create multiple posts, all with different content, without using a spreadsheet. Upload images from your computer, articles from RSS, or select multiple items in Content. With this feature, you can now schedule hundreds of optimized posts in minutes!

Post buckets

  • Create buckets (post categories), fill them with posts, and then link them to your queue plans for publishing

On-demand articles & videos (from Google)

TikTok scheduling

  • Schedule videos to TikTok

Instagram first comment and carousel posts

  • Schedule a first comment with your IG posts

  • Schedule multi-image carousel posts to IG

Post to Facebook Groups as your Page

  • Choose to post to your FB groups as your personal profile OR as one of your pages

Saved texts

  • Save your own library of copiable texts (captions, hashtag groups, CTAs, etc.) for easy use in posts

  • Access copiable texts related to content you find in Post Planner: credit texts, link titles and descriptions, original captions, etc.


Winter 2023

  • Google Business Profile scheduling 

  • Facebook Reels
  • Twitter threads

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