📈 How do I analyze & use my past posts?

How to analyze and re-use your historical posts

To see your historical posts and analyze their performance stats, go to History > Posted.

Then follow instructions in these sections below:

How to access your historical posts

To access your historical posts, go to History > Posted.

The first option you will see is the option to view:

For posts published by Post Planner, we already have those posts in our database and can show them to you instantly.

For posts published by other other means, we need to pull those posts in via the network api's. This requires some action on your part.

Posted via: Post Planner

To see the posts you published via Post Planner, choose "Post Planner" in the "Posted via" dropdown.

While using the "Posted via: Post Planner" filter, you can select as many profiles as you want and show the posts from all of them at once.

Posted via: all Publishers

To see all historical posts, no matter how they were published (including via Post Planner), choose "Any Publisher" in the dropdown.

When using the "Posted via: Any Publisher" option, you can only view posts for one profile at a time. So please select a single profile in the sidebar.

To refresh the list of posts and make sure all posts are visible, click the green refresh button.

How to analyze the performance of your posts

To analyze the performance of your posts, look at the engagement stats on the right side of your posts.

Depending on the network the posts published to, you will see:

  • Clicks

  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Shares / Retweets

  • Views

  • Saves

To sort your posts by any of these metrics, or by time (chronological order), used the "Sort by" dropdown.

You can also change the direction of the sort from "Descending" to "Ascending" if you want to see the worst performers.

NOTE: you can do these same actions in the "Posted" view of any of your post buckets. Many users use the "Ascending" sort there to winnow badly performing posts from their buckets.

How to re-use your posts

If you see historical posts that are performing well, and you want to re-use them in future posts, simply click the ellipsis icon (next to the checkbox) on right side of post.

Then you can:

  • View — go to the live post on the network

  • Re-Post — re-add the post to the composer to edit and post it anywhere

  • Re-Queue — instantly re-add the post to the queue of the same profile

  • Copy Post — copy the post to other profiles