🌅 How do I find content for my posts?

How to find, organize and create content in Post Planner

In this article, you will learn the 3 main functionalities of the Content tool:

You'll also learn how to use the different components of the Content tool:


How to FIND viral content

You can find 2 kinds of content in Post Planner:

  1. Content from social feeds — from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and RSS
  2. Content by keyword — from Google, Giphy, Unsplash and more


1. Content from social feeds

Post Planner helps you find the top performing content from any of these social feeds:

These feeds offer dynamic content that gets refreshed every time new content is posted.

The content from these feeds also come with engagement data, including:

  • Likes / Upvotes
  • Comments / Replies
  • Shares / Retweets

We use this data to power our virality algorithm, which gives all content a "virality" rating between 1 and 5 stars. The virality rating helps you predict how well the content will perform on your social profiles.

Below is what a typical Facebook page feed looks like in Post Planner. Click the screenshot to view the National Geographic Travel feed in Post Planner.

Notice the star ratings in the bottom left corner of the images.

Markup 2022-12-23 at 11.26.31


The gray buttons above the content allow you to filter the content by:

  • Content type (images, videos, gifs, articles or texts)
  • Time period (last 48 hrs, 7 days, 30 days, 12 months or 5 years)

You can also sort the content by:

  • Virality (star rating)
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Recency

If you see content you would like to share, simply hover your cursor over it. The content will expand and show you:

  • Engagement data (Likes, comments, shares, etc.)
  • Source data (the feed it comes from)
  • Action buttons (so you can favorite, edit or schedule the content)

Markup 2022-12-21 at 07.03.57


Combining feeds to create "Streams"

As you can see, content feeds in Post Planner are a great resource!

But having to browse through feeds one at a time, feed by feed, is not very efficient. That's why we created content "Streams".

Streams let you combine multiple feeds into a single stream, so you can browse the top-performing content from ALL the feeds at once!

You can learn more about how to create content Streams here.

Below is an example of how Streams appear in Post Planner. The Stream was created by a Post Planner customer. They named the stream "Entertainment" and then added feeds related to the entertainment industry (from Reddit, Twitter and Facebook).

You can see the feeds that have been added to the Stream in the top row:

Markup 2022-12-21 at 07.27.39


Streams are an efficient way to curate content because they allow you to view the best content from every feed all at once (as shown above).

You can also drill down on any single feed to see its content only (by clicking the feed avatar).

Markup 2022-12-21 at 07.33.34


Searching for "Streams" and saving them

Streams are an incredible resource for finding content.

And here's the good news: you can create as many Streams as you want, no matter which subscription plan you're on!

In fact, Post Planner customers have been creating Streams for more than 8 years. They've created more than 30,000 Streams during that time — on every topic you can imagine. And you have access to them all!

You can search for public Streams, save the best ones to your Streams and leverage the work (and expertise) of their creators.

To search for Streams on any topic, go to Stream search:

Markup 2022-12-23 at 09.40.03


Summary: the first kind of content you can find in Post Planner is content from feeds and Streams. This content is continuously updated and comes with data and predictive virality ratings.

The second kind of content available in Post Planner is content by keyword.

2. Content by keyword

Content from feeds and Streams is great. But you can also search for content by keyword.

Just go to search, add a keyword, and search for:

  • Quotes and Post ideas (from Post Planner's database)
  • Articles and Videos (from Google)
  • Gifs (from Giphy)
  • Stock Media (from Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels)

You can hover over any content to share or favorite it.

Markup 2022-12-21 at 07.42.33


How to UPLOAD your own content

Post Planner also lets you upload your own content to the app and organize it into folders — in your Library.

You can create folders on any topic and then upload your media files (videos, images and gifs).

Learn more about how to use Library here.


How to CREATE new content

Post Planner also has its own image editor for creating new images and editing the images you find or upload.

You can access our image editor in Studio.

Start by adding a background image and cropping it (using the "Transform" button). Then apply filters to the image and add a text.

Markup 2022-12-23 at 09.56.59


When you're finished, you can add your new image to the post composer for scheduling — or save it to your Library.

For more details and tips check out How to use Studio below.


The 3 functionalities of the Content tool

In summary, you can do 3 main things with the Content tool in Post Planner.

You can:

Now it's time to go through the 6 main components of the Content tool:

  1. How to use Search
  2. How to use the Home page
  3. How to use Streams
  4. How to use Library
  5. How to use Favorites
  6. How to use Studio


How to use Search

We covered the 2 ways to search for content above:

  1. Search for content feeds (and save them to your Streams) or search for Streams (from other customers)
  2. Search for content by keyword

TIP: you can also search for quotes, post ideas, stock media, articles and more — directly from the post composer (in Step 2) if you prefer that workflow


How to use the Home view

The Home view in Content will look familiar if you use apps like Netflix and Youtube.

Home shows you (1) all your recently used feeds, Streams and Library folders, and (2) special carousels for accessing:

  • Your Streams
  • Your Favorites
  • Your Library
  • Quotes search
  • Popular Streams
  • Post Ideas search

Here's what the Home view looks like:


How to use Streams

We discussed creating and saving content streams above.

You can learn more about how to create content Streams here.

TIP:  to see the best, most recent content from all your Streams at once, click "Streams" in the sidebar — or click here — and then start scrolling!


How to use Library

We discussed Library above in How to UPLOAD content.

Learn more about how to use Library here.

TIP:  to see media from all your Library folders at once, click "Library" in the sidebar — or click here — and then start scrolling!


How to use Favorites

To favorite any content item in Post Planner, just click the heart icon in the top right corner.

Once the content has been favorited, you can access it in Favorites anytime.

There you can filter by content type — or choose ALL to see all favorites on one screen!


How to use Studio

We discussed Studio above in How to CREATE new content.

Reminder: you can access our image editor anytime by visiting Studio.

Use these tools in the editor to design your image:

  • Transform — for cropping, rotating, flipping horizontal or vertical, etc.
  • Text — for fonts, font color, line spacing, alignment, etc.
  • Text Design — for pre-designed text templates
  • Adjust — for brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, etc.
  • Stickers — for emojis and stickers
  • Filters — for the perfect fitler

For example, to create a unique quote image, do the following:

Start by adding a background image (from "Stock Images" below the editor). Then crop it (via the "Transform" button) and then apply filters and add a text.

TIP: use the "Stickers" option to add your logo to any image

When you're finished, you can add your new image to the post composer for scheduling — or save it to your Library.