📅 How do I use Calendar?

How to optimize your Calendar view of posts

You have a lot of options in Calendar to optimize the view for your own preferences.

Some people like more details and elements, other like to keep things more simple and clean. We recommend you do whatever makes your experience better!

Check out the customization options below.

Choose month or week view

You can view your posts a month or a week at a time. To switch between these views, just click the "View" button and choose "Month" or "Week".

Choose the size of your posts

You can choose how big your posts appear in your calendar. There are options for small, medium and large.

To choose, just click the "Posts" button and select the size you want.

Toggle on/off your empty slots

Empty slots are the time slots from your Queue Plans that don't currently have posts in them.

In Calendar view, you can choose to make these slots visible or not. To do that, click the "Empty slots" button.

Toggle on/off your historical posts

Some people like to see the continuity between their past posts and their future posts.

That's why we offer the option to toggle on and off your historical posts in your calendar.

To make your historical posts appear or disappear, click the "History" button.

Additional calendar settings

There are a few more settings hidden in the gear button that you probably won't change very often.

You can choose when your week begins (Sunday or Monday).

You can choose when your month begins (this week vs. 1st of month).