✅ How do I select a profile or list?

How to select a profile or list

The basics

The sidebar in Calendar, Posts and History is simple!

To add or remove a profile, click any profile.

To select a profile exclusively (by itself), double-click it!

Choose your favorite view of profiles

You have 3 ways to view your profiles:

  • grid (default) — a grid of circular profiles, in alphabetical order

  • list — a list of profile names, in alphabetical order

  • network — grid view, but categorized by network

Search for profiles by name

If you have hundreds of profiles, sometimes it's easier just to search by name.

No problem. Click the search icon and start typing.

Lists: how to select one

Lists are easy to select. Just click them.

You will have an ALL list by default. You can create as many more as you like.