🙌 How do I manage my team?

How to add and remove team members

To manage your team members or update their access to your social profiles, go to Settings > Team.

Then follow the instructions in these sections below:

How to add a team member

To add a team member, do the following:

  • Type in the email of the team member you want to add

  • Choose the social profiles you want the team member to have posting rights to

  • Click the "Add to team" button

Your team member will receive an email invite to join your team.

Please ask your team member to follow the instructions of the email exactly in order to login and access your team account.

IMPORTANT: your team member MUST use the exact email you invited them with when logging in.

How to remove a team member

To remove a team member and revoke all rights, simply click the "X" on the team member's row and confirm.

The row will disappear and the team member will no longer be able to login to your Post Planner account.

How to edit the rights of a team member

To edit the social profiles a team member has rights to, click the profiles on the team member's row to activate (turn green) and deactivate (dim) the profile.

The green activated profiles are the social profiles the team member can create posts and edit plans for.

The team member will have no rights to do anything with the dimmed deactivated profiles. The team member won't even see these profiles in their app.