💧 How do I create and leverage content streams?

How to create, find and save content streams

Please read the article How to use the Content tool before continuing.

Once you have read that article, continue below to learn more about creating and saving Streams.

To search for Streams and save them for future content curation, go to stream search. Then follow instructions in these sections below:

To create a new content stream, go to our search engine for these sources: Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Reddit subreddits or RSS feeds. Then follow instructions in these sections below:

What is a content stream?

Imagine taking your industry's top 5 Facebook pages, top 5 Twitter accounts, top 5 Subreddits and top 5 blogs — and then combining them into a single stream of content.

Imagine seeing all the best content (articles, images, videos, gifs, texts, etc.) — from all 20 feeds — in a single click.

You just imagined a content stream in Post Planner. 😉

Content streams are collections of content feeds aggregated into a single stream. They are created by Post Planner users, like you.

You can add the following content sources (feeds) to your streams:

  • Facebook pages

  • Twitter accounts

  • Reddit subreddits

  • RSS feeds

But you don't have to create your own streams to make use of streams. You can also just "save" and follow the streams of other Post Planner users, much like you save a playlist on Spotify.

But you need to know how to find streams to save them.

You need to know how to search for streams.

How to search for content streams

To search the thousands of content streams created by Post Planner users over the years, go to stream search here:

Type in a keyword, topic or industry and click enter.

You will see search results similar to this:


How to save a content stream

You can click on any stream you see in the search results to see its content.

Then filter by content type or time period. You can also drill down on one feed at a time.

If you like the stream's content, click the "Save" button and save the stream to your Streams.

Once you save a stream, you can access its latest content anytime in your Streams:



You can also "unsave" and remove streams in the same place, if you decide they're not offering good content.


How to create a content stream

To create your own content stream, you start by searching for content feeds.

Remember: in Post Planner you can save content feeds from Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Reddit subreddits and RSS feeds.

To search for these feeds, go here:

Once you find a feed you like, you have 2 options:

  1. Click the feed to see its latest content

    • This is useful for assessing a feed's content quality before saving it to a stream

  2. Click the "+" icon on the feed (when you hover over the feed card)

    • This is useful for adding multiple feeds to a stream at once

If you choose #1, you'll see a screen like the one below.

This is the "Cute Dogs" Facebook page feed where you can access all the content shared by that page. To add this feed to a content stream, click the green "Save" button.



If you choose #2 and use the "+" button, it looks like the screen below.

You can click the "+" on multiple feeds, adding them to a "shopping cart" of feeds. Then you can add that set of feeds to a stream all at once.



How to add feeds to a new stream

Let's add the 6 feeds selected in the screenshot above to a new content stream.

Next steps:

  1. Choose to save the 6 feeds to "New stream"

  2. Add a stream name

  3. Choose a stream color

  4. Click the green "Create new stream" button



You now have your own new stream!

Remember: you can edit your streams anytime by removing feeds or adding new feeds. They are yours to optimize!

Think of your streams like your playlists on Spotify. You can edit and optimize them as much as you like!