A bucket is a collection of posts ready to be published anytime.

You can create a bucket based on any topic or category and then fill the bucket with posts.

To start publishing a bucket's posts, just link the bucket to time slots in your queue plans.

Buckets help you automate the perfect mix of posts throughout the week.

To learn how to create and use buckets, follow the instructions in these sections:

How create and configure a bucket

To create a bucket go here:

If you don't have any buckets yet, you will be prompted create your first bucket.

Otherwise, you can click "Create new bucket".

To create and configure your bucket, choose these:

  • Bucket name

  • Bucket color

  • Social profiles the bucket can post to

When selecting profiles for your bucket, choose your "ALL" list by default.

This will allow you to use the bucket to post to any of your profiles going forward.

Once your bucket is created, you can access and edit the bucket and its posts anytime via the sidebar.

For each of your buckets, you can filter posts to show either future or past posts. We call them:

  • "Posts in bucket" — posts ready to be linked to a time slot and start publishing in the future

  • "Posted" — posts that have already published and are available to re-add to the bucket anytime

How to add posts to a bucket

To add posts to your bucket, simply select the bucket in Step 1 in the composer:

Then add your generic post content in Step 2.

In Step 3, you can create optimized versions of the post for each social network represented in the bucket's profiles.

For example, in the bucket in the screenshots on this page, my bucket is linked to 2 profiles:

  • 1 FB page

  • 1 Instagram account

So every time I create a post for this bucket, I will create optimized versions of the post for both FB and IG.

Then I can link the bucket to the posting plan of either profile — or both — anytime.

How to link a bucket to a time slot

To link one of your buckets to a time slot, go to your Queue Plans here:

Then in the "Source of posts" column, click the dropdown on any time slot and select your bucket.

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