The POSTED section of the app has more to offer than just a storage of your published posts. 🗃️🗃️🗃️

✍ In this article I will show you the notable distinctions between the re-post and re-plan functionality in POSTED to help you do more with your previously published posts.


When you click on "Re-post" in POSTED you'll notice that the app will allow you to:

(1) ✏️ Edit the text of the post.

(2) Re-share your original post (if you have selected the same profile which you have originally used to share this post). Notice that the credit text will disappear once you have clicked on the check box next to "re-share original post".

(3) Recycle ♻️ the post by using the toggle button.

(4) Decide whether to use Add to Plan, Share Next, Share Now, or Schedule Post in re-sharing the post.

(5) You can also change the social network profile where you want to re-post this published post.


The re-plan functionality is a bit limited compared to the re-post option.

What "Re-post" does is to quickly send the published post back to planned posts ready to be published again according to your plan's posting schedule. 📅

You cannot edit the post nor change its profile destination using the re-post option.

It is just a way to conveniently re-build your queue lightning fast ⚡ without the need to create more posts. 🤩

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