Stuck with a boring image? Make it more creative and attractive with Canva.

In this article I will show you how seamless it is to add some creative touches to your stock desktop photos which you can instantly use to create your planned posts.

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Image creation with Canva

(1) Go to post composer.

(2) Click on the Canva icon.

(3) You can signup using Gmail, Facebook or Email. If you already have an existing Canva account login using your Gmail, Facebook, Apple, or email account.

(4) Upload your image by clicking on the Upload image button or dragging-and-dropping it from your deskstop to Canva.

(5) Create your custom image in the Canva app then click on "Publish".

(6) It will automatically be uploaded in the composer. All you have to do is write a caption then you'd be good to go!

How great is that!?! 🤗😎🤩

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