Want to know your top performing tweets? 📈💪🏆

All you have to do is use the "Sort By" functionality in the Posted section.

In this article I will show you how easy it is not only to gather your most retweeted and liked tweets but also to re-post them via Post Planner. ⚡🔥😎

Sorting Tweets from Posted


(2) Select your Twitter profile.

(3) Click on the down arrow next to "Sort By:"

(4) You'll see that aside from sorting by Recency (Time), you still have other options relating to the tweet's performance: Retweets (Shares) and Favorites (Likes).

(5) Choose any of these sorting options.

(6) Once you have decided which tweets to re-post or re-plan, click on the three dots button to select your preferred re-posting option.

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