💡 Remember that Twitter has released an account manipulation and spam policy which aims to prevent users to artificially amplify or disrupt conversations by posting identical or substantially similar Tweets.

Regarding Twitter's sensitivity to repeat posts, we would error on the side of no repeats — or longer intervals between repeats (at least a week).

You can create variations with small permutations in the caption and that should solve any issue.

To assist you further with this policy, Post Planner has set in place a double post protection detector in the POSTS section.

Any duplicate post within the last 12 hours will be detected and its publishing will be disallowed. The post will be sent to the FAILED section in POSTS.

Under the FAILED section, you can either re-post or delete the failed post to correct any issues.

As always, should you have any further questions or concerns you can send us a message using the chat button on the lower right bottom of the page or visit our User Guide for additional help.

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