Aside from effortlessly viewing and re-planning a post, you can also re-post a published post via the Posted section in Post Planner 🥰.

In this article I will show you how seamless it is to re-post a previously published post to save you more time ⌚ and effort 💪.

Re-posting your previously published post


(2) Select the post that you want to re-post.

(3) Click on the three dots button then select on "Re-Post".

(4) You can either re-share the original post or re-post it like posting it for the first time with credits.

(5) Click on the Add to Plan, Share Next, Share Now or Schedule post to create your post.

(6) This is what a re-shared original post would look like in Facebook:

(7) This is what a post would look like when you did not choose the "re-share original post" option:

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