All of the posts shown in the video are planned posts. They make use of the plan that you have created under the PLANS section.

If you go back to POSTS, you'll see that the posts follow that plan including empty time slots.

In this article I will show you how to create a scheduled post 🕒 and use its repeat 🔁 functionality.

Creating a scheduled post that repeats

(1) Click on the Create Post button to open the post composer.

(2) Once you are done optimizing the post, click on the down arrow next to the "Add to Plan" button.

(3) Select "Schedule Post"

(4) You can choose an exact posting time by selecting the time on the clock.

(5) Select the posting date.

(6) Click on the check box next to the "Repeat Every" option to make the post a repeating post.

(7) You can choose the repeat interval (days, weeks, months, years) and an end date (Forever! 😊 or a specific date)

(8) Click on Schedule.

(9) You'll be redirected back to POSTS. You'll notice that scheduled posts look a little bit different. They only have edit and delete functions.

They do not have the drag-and-drop and move to top or move to bottom functionalities because they do not use the Plan. They exist outside of the plan.

(10) You'll also notice that repeating scheduled posts have a "R" on them. If you hover over the "R" you'll see the repeat schedule.

(11) Note that you are only going to see one instance of this repeating scheduled post.

Once it publishes that's the time that you'll see the next instance with the same repeating attributes.

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