You'll notice that there are some posts shown in the video where the recycle button ♻️ are green while others are gray.

The reason for this is that those posts with a green recycle button are what we call "recycled posts"

In this article I will show you how you can toggle on this button to recycle a selected post and toggle it off to stop it from being recycled.

Recycling a post

So, how does the "recycle" functionality work?

When the post publishes like this video post, if we leave the recycle button gray, this video post will just disappear from the planned section and go to the posted section.

It won't be planned again.

But if we turn on the recycle button then this video post will publish and then it will go down and be sent to the end of the queue for another posting cycle.

That's what recycle does. 🧐

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