✅ Selecting your profile or list in POSTS is important in creating your post or viewing your queued posts in the PLANNED section.

In this article I will show you how to select a profile or list using the sidebar in POSTS and what happens next after making such selection.

Selecting a profile or list using the sidebar


(2) You'll notice that the sidebar has a Profiles or List option.

(3) To select a single profile or list, double-click on the icon of the profile or click on the name of the list.

Note that when you select a list the profiles under that list will automatically be selected under profiles.

(4) You'll also notice that only the planned posts and empty time slots for the selected profiles or list will appear on the PLANNED section in POSTS.

This will help you filter your queued posts to specific profiles or list.

(5) These selected profiles or list are considered as your active profiles while you are in the POSTS section. So, when you create a post by clicking on the Create Post button, you'll notice that these profiles are automatically selected in the post composer.

🔥 Hot tip 🔥

If you want these selected profiles to be your default profiles within the app all you have to do is click on the lock button in the sidebar.

Now when you create a post via CONTENT or use the post composer in any of the pages of the app, these default profiles will automatically be selected.

Click here for a more detailed guide about setting a profile or list as default.

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