Empty time slots are important components in planning your posts. 🗓️

In this article I will show you how to view your empty time slots in POSTS.

For a detailed discussion about what empty time slots are, click this 👉 guide.

To view your empty time slots:


(2) You'll see here entries of queued posts.

(3) You'll also see empty time slots after some queued posts.

💡 Remember that empty time slots are just slots in your plans that do not have posts.

(4) These empty time slots represent the kind of post that you need to create to fill out your queue based on your active posting plan.

(5) You can treat them as guide of the content that you need to create to complete your plan.

Viewing empty time slots

You can view your empty time slots depending on the profiles or list selected.

In this example, all profiles are selected which means that you will see all the time slots planned for all your social network profiles.

You'll notice that the view is for multiple networks when the time slots show logos of specific networks

You can also view your empty time slots per profile or list.

Using the sidebar:

(1) Select the profile that you want to view. 🔥 Hot tip: double-click on the profile or list to select it exclusively.

(2) By doing this, the queue will exclusively pertain to the profile or list selected. Here, the empty time slots are only for the selected Facebook page.

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