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In this article I will show you how to maximize your evergreen or seasonal content by recycling or repeating them without doing the additional work!

🌲 Evergreen content 🌲

As the name implies, evergreen content are online content that remain fresh and relevant over time. These posts attract traffic long after they were originally published.

❄️💘🌻 Seasonal content 🌞🦃🍂

Seasonal content are online content that relate to events (holidays, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving) or particular time/period of the year (Summer, Winter, Rainy season, School opening).

Recycling ♻️ vs. Repeating Post 🔁

When you schedule a post (to an exact date/time), you can use the "Repeat" functionality to re-publish the post after a certain time period. For example, you can schedule a post to repeat every 8 days.

On the other hand, when you plan a post (according to your plan set in PLAN), you can use the "Recycle" functionality to send the post to the end of the queue every time it publishes.

The biggest difference between recycling and repeating posts is that repeating posts have pre-determined reposting intervals while recycling posts will be reposted depending on the length of your existing queue.

💡 Here is a guide for a more detailed discussion about recycling vs. repeating posts

🚩 You could always choose between recycling or repeating. But remember to choose what will be more convenient for you to decrease the time that you spend in reposting content.

Recycling evergreen posts

If you have a pool of evergreen blog posts, like in this example we have 14 evergreen posts in PLANNED, you can either:

  • Click the recycle button, or

  • Use the bulk action button to recycle the posts that you have selected.

These recycled posts will now go to the bottom of the queue once they are posted giving you a continuous stream of content publishing on your pages. It doesn't feel like it's repeating because it's posting every 2-3 weeks!

That's a real time-saver! 😱⏱

Repeating scheduled seasonal posts

Repeating posts is great to use when you already have in mind a specific date or interval when your selected post will be reposted.

For example you want to repeat a scheduled post just in time for certain holidays like Valentine's day or Thanksgiving or you just want to repeat a post in exactly 6 months from today which coincides with end of the school term then the repeat functionality is your option.

💡 Remember that you can schedule a repeat post by using the Schedule Post option in the composer:

  • Set the posting time and date

  • Click on the checkbox next to "repeat every"

  • Set the repeat details

  • Click on "Schedule"

Here's what your repeating post will look like in PLANNED. The post will appear with an "R" on it to indicate that it is a repeating post.

Just allocate 1 to 2 hours of your time to set your repeat schedule then you'll be free to forget about them and let Post Planner do the heavy lifting for you!

How cool is that? 😎

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