🤔 Changed your mind about the order of your posts?

You can easily rearrange your planned posts via drag-and-drop feature of the app.

In this article I will show you how to re-order your posts to suit your current preference.

(1) Go to your planned posts here.

(2) You'll notice that the drag-and-drop icon (six dots icon) is located towards the end of the planned post.

(3) When you hover your mouse over the drag-and-drop icon you'll notice that the drag cursor will appear.

(4) You can now rearranged your planned posts by dragging and dropping to your preferred order.

(5) 💡 Remember in re-ordering your posts you still need to follow the allowed content for that time slot. The green down arrows will serve as your guide where you can drop the post. Otherwise, you will be alerted to this reminder that the content is not valid and the re-ordering will be disallowed.

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