Optimizing a post to comply with standards of a specific network is effortless in Post Planner's composer. 😎

In this article I will show you how to optimize your post using the network tabs to customize it for each social network.

Network Tabs

These network tabs are located after the row of profile icons in the composer.

You'll notice that these tabs change depending on your default or selected profiles or list.

The network tabs will always correspond to the default profiles or list or to the profiles or list that you have selected in the composer while creating your post.

Here, you'll see that I have selected profiles from Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. After clicking the "OK" button, only the network tabs for these social networks remained on the composer's interface.

This also applies when you select a list. In this example, I have selected a list with profiles from Facebook and Instagram only. After clicking the "OK" button, only the Facebook and Instagram network tabs remained on the composer's interface.

Optimizing your posts using the network tabs

In the post composer, you'll notice that Post Planner has included posting reminders for specific social networks to ensure that your post will be published seamlessly.

🥳 Here is the fun part...

When you have selected your content all you have to do is toggle through those network tabs to customize your post per social network.

You can retain the text or slightly edit it to show variety.

You can also select your Pinterest board on the post composer itself and optimize your posts according to Pinterest rules.

The Twitter network tab also shows you that there is a 280 character limit in Twitter.

👊 So there you have it, no more going back and forth through each social network app to optimize your posts.

It's just that simple and convenient!

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