Once a recycled post ♻️ has been published, that post will go back to the bottom of the queue to wait for its turn to be published again until you turn off the recycle button or delete the post.

In this article I will show you how to stop recycling your posts.

💡 Remember that it is in the PLANNED section of PUBLISHING where you can activate and deactivate the recycle option and not in the POSTED section.

To stop 🛑 recycling posts:

(1) Go the PLANNED section.

(2) Select the posts that you want to stop recycling.

(3) Click on the green recycle button of the posts that you have selected.

(4) Once the recycle button turns gray, it means that the post has stopped being recycled. It will not go to the bottom of the queue anymore to be added to the plan after it has been re-posted.

If you don't want to publish a previously recycled post anymore then you can just delete the post by clicking on the checkbox on the right hand portion of the page then choosing "Delete Selected" under the Bulk Action functionality.

Warning: Deleting a post cannot be undone so use the delete function with utmost caution. 👌

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