So, what's next after configuring your plan? 👉

Of course you would want to see 👀 what your plan looks like once the posts come in!

In this article I will show you how your plan will manifest in the POSTS section of the app after configuring it.

To see your plan in POSTS:

Go to POSTS. On the PLANNED section, you will see time slots and allowed content which correspond to the plan that you have just configured in the PLANS section.

Here is an example of a custom plan for a Facebook page.

If you'll go back to PLANS you'll notice that this custom plan:

  • Has only one day group (Everyday)

  • Has six posting times

  • Has allowed content in this order - image, text, link, image, video, and link.

  • Has Los Angeles as its time zone


🖱️ Then when you click back to POSTS you will see that this is what this custom plan would look like in the POSTS section.


This is the exact manifestation of the custom plan that was created with the same six time slots and allowed content.

And if we'll scroll down we'll see that it is planned for seven days a week just like it was configured under the PLANS section.

Viewing your Plan in POSTS is the easiest way to see how your plan works.

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