📝 To understand how a Plan works, it is important to break down its components.

In this article I will show you the basic parts of a plan that you need to know to configure your plan according to your needs.

Components of a Plan and How to Configure them

When you go to PLANS, you will see the following:

(1) The heading "Posting times for" indicate the name of the active plan. It could reflect the Main Plan or a Custom Plan.

Posting times for: Main Plan

Posting times for: Custom Plan

(2) Time zone. You usually choose this in the Intro but you can edit this under PLANS. When you create a custom plan you can also choose a different time zone for that plan.

(3) Day Groups. The default setting is that there are two day groups: Weekdays and Weekends. They will have the exact same time slots and content configuration.

You can configure the day groups by clicking or unclicking the buttons representing the days of the week under each day group.

(4) Posting Time. Posting times are configured during the Intro when you chose your preferred posting frequency.

The number of posts that you chose per day will reflect on the Plan under "POSTING TIME".

You can always add, edit or delete a posting time.

  • To add, click on the "Add New Time" button under the Posting Time section

  • To edit, click on the pencil icon ✏️ when you hover on the left side of the posting time that you want to edit.

  • To delete, click on the "X' button when you hover on the left side of the posting time that you want to delete.

(5) Content Mix (Content Allowed to Post)

Post Planner allows you to create and plan posts with Images 📷, Videos 📹, Links 🔗 and Texts 📄.

These contents are represented by the four buttons under the CONTENT ALLOWED TO POST section of the plan.

You can mix and match these contents with the days/day groups and posting times of your Plan according to your needs and preference.

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