The PUBLISHING > POSTED page is not just a repository of your published posts in Post Planner for the last 9 months. 💡

🚩 There are useful features that you need to know in the Posted Posts page to easily re-post or re-plan your posts.

In this article I will show you how to use the "Re-plan" feature in the Posted Posts page.

The Re-plan feature allows you to re-add any previously published post to your profile's plan in two simple clicks! 🤩

What the Re-plan button does is to send the post to the first available time slot in PLANNED POSTS where that content is allowed.

How to quickly "Re-plan" posts

(1) Go to PUBLISHING > POSTED to access the Posted Posts page.

(2) Select the posts that you want to re-add to your Plan ("Re-plan 😉!")

(3) Click on the three dots button then select Re-Plan.

(4) This will send the posts to PLANNED POSTS where they will be scheduled for posting according to your Plan.

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