Felt mixed up between Planned and Scheduled posts? 😕

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In this article I will show you how to distinguish Planned post from scheduled post.

Planned Post

Planned posts are posts which follow the schedule that you have configured in your Plan.

They are also called as queued posts because each post that you will create would be queue according to the order that you have designed in your Plan.

💡 Remember that it is in Plans where you can set up the day, time and content mix of the posting schedule of your profile.

This Plan with the actual queued posts can be viewed and accessed in PUBLISHING > PLANNED.

Here is what it looks like when you have not created any post yet:

The order of allowed content depends on the plan that you have set up for this profile.

Planned post follows this order.

As you create and add posts, Post Planner will fill in these time slots according to the allowed content of your "Plan".

That is why they are called Planned Posts.

Scheduled Post

Scheduled Post is used to create a post and schedule it at a time and date outside your pre-designed plan.

This feature offers you more flexibility to schedule posts with varying times and contents apart from the schedule that you have previously fixed under Plans.

Once you have created your post, you can click the Schedule Post option in the Post Composer to select a posting time and date then click on "Schedule"

The post will be added to the Planned Posts section in addition to the queued posts of your profile's Plan.

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