Worried that you have messed up your posting plans with these empty time slots? 😟

Don't be! ☝ Empty time slots are just slots in your plans that do not have posts.

In this article I will show you why there are empty time slots in your plans and how to hide or show them in your planned posts.

Why are there empty time slots?

💡 Remember that it is in PLANS that you can view the schedule of posts that you have configured for your profile or list.

Each posting plan has days, posting times and content mix as its components.

Empty time slots appear on your Planned Post because the posts that you have created are not aligned with the allowed content for certain time slots of your posting plan.

In this example, the allowed content for the 12:00 PM and 11:00 PM time slots are posts with video content. Since you have not created a post with video on it those time slots will appear empty, hence the "Empty time slots".

Hide or show empty time slots in your Planned Posts

Empty time slots will appear by default on the Planned Posts section of the app to let you know that you've scheduled a certain content for certain posting times but you have yet to create a post with that content.

💡 It is not mandatory that you fill those slots. Post Planner will fill out your schedule based on the posts that you have created. 🔥

So, if you do not want to see these empty slots and view only those slots that contain posts, then all you have to do is unclick the checkbox next to "Empty Slots". This will Hide the empty slots from your Planned Posts.

To unhide the empty time slots, simply click the checkbox next to "Empty Slots" to view them again in your Planned Posts.

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