In this article I will show you how the Lists feature can help you manage your profiles into selected groups so that you can schedule your posts with ease.

So, what are Lists?

Lists are groups of profiles that you can set and select easily.

By default, everyone has an "ALL" list.

Just as its name connotes it will select ALL your connected social network profiles. You'll see this when you toggle back to the Profiles section of the sidebar.

How to create a list

Click on the pencil icon ✏️ on the Lists section of the sidebar.

Click on the Add (+) button next to "Create a new list".

Name your new list, select the profiles under the new list, then click on the Save button.

You'll notice that the newly created list will appear under the "Edit lists" section.

If you want to add ➕ or remove ➖ a profile from an existing list, all you have to do is follow this guide:

How to edit a list

Click on the list that you want to edit.

Click on the profile that you you want to add or remove.

You'll notice that the number next to the name of the list will increase (or decrease) once the profile was successfully added to (or removed from) the list.

The newly added profile will also appear under the Profiles section of the sidebar.

Lists will be very helpful and convenient if you have groups of different profiles that you want to select and post to.

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