In this article I will show you the sidebar in POSTS which features the grid and list profile views.

As I have shown you in PLANS, Post Planner uses sidebars to let you choose the profile/s that you would want to use in scheduling your posts.

These sidebars are placed on the left-hand side portion of the page.

Under Posts, you'll notice that the sidebar is labelled as Profiles and Lists.

You'll see the grid and list buttons on the Profiles section of the sidebar.

These buttons show you two different views of your connected social network profiles on Post Planner.

Grid shows the social network profiles' logos or icons.

Lists shows the names of the profiles.

💡 Toggling these buttons is especially helpful when your profiles have the same profile pictures on different social networks and you just want to make sure that you have selected the correct profile/s where you will schedule your posts.

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