The process for connecting Instagram accounts to Post Planner is a bit different from other social networks.

This is because Instagram is owned by Facebook and it uses the Facebook api to connect to apps.

Facebook has these 2 requirements for apps connect to Instagram:

  1. The Instagram account must be a business account

  2. The Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page

Click the links in those 2 items for detailed instructions on how to get them done for your Instagram accounts.

Once you have those in place, please do the following.

How to connect your Instagram account to Post Planner

(1) Go to Settings > Social Networks

(2) Make sure your Facebook account is connected

(3) Click the green "CONNECT" button on the Instagram row

  • You should see popup appear and disappear

  • Then should see all your (a) Instagram business accounts that are (b) connected to one of your connected Facebook pages (see requirements above) like this:

(4) Click the inactive Instagram account to activate it (show a green check)

What if it doesn't work?

The above process does not always work for all users.

If you have confirmed that you definitely have (a) converted your Instagram accounts to business accounts and (b) connected your Instagram accounts to your Facebook pages, then here are some solutions:

SOLUTION #1: Reset your Facebook connection

Going through this process (without skipping any steps) fixes 99% of problems with both Instagram and Facebook connections.

Please follow the instructions exactly!

(1) Remove the Post Planner app from your Facebook account settings

Go to your Facebook settings here, choose Post Planner, and click "Remove" to remove the app:

(you will not lose any posts or data in Post Planner by removing the app from FB)

(2) Logout of Post Planner and logout of Facebook

(3) Clear your browser's cache for all time. The keyboard shortcut is:


I recommend you only clear the browser cache, NOT the full history and cookies (because this is a pain in the neck!).

Here's how it looks in Chrome:

(4) Close your browser and re-open it

(5) Login to Facebook again and login to your Post Planner account (with your new email login)

(6) Go to Settings > Social Networks (the FB row should be blank). Click "LOGIN" or "CONNECT" on the Facebook row and accept/allow all permissions

(7) Click "CONNECT" on the Instagram row and follow instructions here

That should do the trick.

If it doesn't, please use solution 2:


We'll do whatever we need to do in order to get you connected! 💪

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