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Updated: May 4, 2022



Post drafts

Calendar view

  • You can now view your scheduled posts in a Calendar format and see a whole month of posts at once.


iOS and Android mobile apps

  • Our native mobile apps are now live in the iOS App Store and in Google Play

Content Studio

  • Our own version of Canva or Photoshop — directly in Post Planner. You can add images from your Favorites, Library or Stock images. And you can pull text quotes and conversation starters from our giant databases!

New Recycling options

  • You can now configure your posts to recycle forever (until you delete it or turn recycling off) — or you can choose the exact number of times it will recycle — or make it recycle only until a specified end date.

Connect multiple Facebook accounts

  • You can now connect as many FB accounts as you want inside your Post Planner account. This includes the pages, groups and Instagram accounts associated with the accounts as well.

Stock media

  • We've partnered up with Pexels, Pixabay and Giphy to offer stock media (images, videos and gifs) on any keyword. Just search here!


Early 2022

  • Buckets — our version of post categories: category-based queues of posts you can link to time slot(s) in your plan

  • Tiktok scheduling

  • Google My Business scheduling

Late 2022

  • Mobile notification posting to:

    • FB personal profiles

    • FB groups you don't admin

    • IG personal or creator accounts

    • Tiktok

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