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Updated: October 8, 2021


August 2021

New post composer

  • Our new post composer makes it easy to customize and optimize your posts for ALL 5 social networks at once! It also includes live post previews, so you can see how your post will look when it publishes... as you're creating the post!

Media editor

  • Our new media editor allows you to edit any image you find in or add to Post Planner. You can crop images into preset optimized dimensions for each network, and add text overlays in any color or font. Video editing to launch in coming week!

Connect multiple Facebook accounts

  • You can now connect as many FB accounts as you want inside your Post Planner account. This includes the pages, groups and Instagram accounts associated with the accounts as well.

June 2021

Stock media

  • We've partnered up with Unsplash, Pixabay and Giphy to offer stock media (images, videos and gifs) on any keyword. Just search here!

May 2021

See ALL past posts, including those not published via Post Planner, in Posted

  • You can now see and re-use all posts published on your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, whether they were posted by Post Planner, natively or with another app.

  • Posts from Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest coming soon.

April 2021

Pinterest publishing

  • We were approved as a partner by Pinterest and given access to their publishing api in Feb. We finally released pin scheduling the first week of April.


Fall 2021

  • Native mobile apps — iOS and Android

  • Post drafts

  • Google My Business scheduling

  • Buckets — our version of post categories — category-based queues of posts you can link to time slot(s) in your plan

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