One of the funnest things about using Post Planner is browsing content in the CONTENT section of the app.

Sometimes you're browsing and you find a cool piece of content — but you don't want to stop right now and create a post with it.

Instead, you just want to save it for later, when you have time to write the perfect caption and add the perfect hashtags.

This is when Favoriting comes in handy!

You can favorite any content item in Post Planner by clicking the heart icon in the top right corner of the content.

For example, here's a view of the Popular stream.

Notice the heart icon on each item:

Just click the heart to favorite and save it for later!

Here's what it looks like when you click the heart:

Notice that the heart turns red.

Post Planner also tells you how many other Post Planner users have favorited the same content item.

Favoriting a piece of content send it to your favorites, which you can access on CONTENT > Home or via the CONTENT dropdown in the top navigation:

This takes you to your Favorites page:

In your Favorites, you will see all the content you've favorited — and you can sort by time period or content type.

You can also click any favorited item at anytime to unfavorite it and remove it from your Favorites.

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