In the Post Planner CONTENT section, whenever you're viewing the content from a feed or stream, you will have the option to filter and sort the content.

For example, here's the view of our "Funny" popular stream:

Notice I have the option to filter by time period on the left:

  • NEW — last 48 hrs

  • WEEK — last 7 days

  • MONTH — last 30 days

  • YEAR — last 12 months

  • ALL — last 5 years

By content type on the right:




  • GIFS

And in the middle, I have the option to sort by:

  • STARS (visible) — 5-star rating by Post Planner's engagement algorithm

  • LIKES — number of Likes on social media post where content was shared

  • MOST RECENT — date of post

Choose any combination you want to get different content to rise to the top!

Keep in mind that the content you have access to for posting depends on your subscription plan.

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