You can use RSS feeds to import the content of ANY blog into Post Planner!

It's super simple. 💪

Just add the RSS feed url of the blog (or of the podcast or Pinterest board or anything else that has an RSS feed) to Post Planner's content search here:

Make sure to add the full RSS feed url to the search box.

How do you find the RSS feed url of a blog? This article shows you how.

And here's a video showing how to find the RSS feed url via a website's code:

Once you have the RSS feed url, just paste it into the search box like this:

Then scroll to the bottom of the search results and choose the RSS feed card:

When you click on the RSS feed card, it will open the content view for the feed. Keep in mind: it make take a few seconds load all the content.

Once the content loads, it will look like this:

Then click the "SAVE" button to add the feed to a new content stream.

If you're creating a content stream with just your own blogs, you can name the stream "My Blogs" like this:

Once your new "My Blogs" stream is created, you can add the RSS feeds of all the rest of your blogs to the stream.

Add as many blogs as you like!

And remember: you can access the top-performing content from any of your streams anytime in My Streams.

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