Every new user of Post Planner starts off with a customized content stream named "My Profiles".

This stream is created automatically when you first connect your social profiles in Settings.

The "My Profiles" stream contains all content feeds from your connected Facebook pages and Twitter profiles.

You can find the stream here: CONTENT > MY STREAMS

By default, it is positioned at the top of your list of streams:

You can also find the "My Profiles" stream carousel on your the CONTENT homepage.

Scroll down the page to find it under the title "Top Content from My Profiles":

You can also use the dropdown menu on CONTENT in the top nav:

How to Refresh your My Profiles stream

From time to time your My Profiles stream will need refreshing — for example when you connect new profiles to Post Planner in your settings.

To refresh your My Profiles stream:

  1. Go to MY STREAMS

  2. Click "My Profiles" in the left menu

  3. Click the green refresh button here:

This will pull in all the currently content feeds of your connected:

  • Facebook pages

  • Twitter profiles

  • Instagram business accounts (coming soon!)

Once you refresh the My Profiles stream you should see all the videos, images, gifs and articles shared by the social profiles.

Then you can filter, sort, favorite, view and use the content the same way you do with content from any other stream!

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