Do you want to use Post Planner to schedule posts to your personal FB profile?

Remember the difference between a personal FB profile and a FB page:

  • FB profile => has friends who "friend" the profile

  • FB page => has fans who "like" the page

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot use apps like Post Planner to automatically schedule and publish posts to your personal FB profile, like you can with your pages and groups.

Facebook discontinued the ability for 3rd party apps to schedule content to a personal Facebook profile in August 2018.


But we do have good news for you!

We will be adding the ability to schedule and publish FB profile posts in summer 2022.

We'll offer this functionality via mobile notifications.

You won't be able to schedule automatic "hands-free" posts to your FB profile. But you will be able to schedule posts that you post manually after receiving a mobile notification.

This is called notification posting.

When the posting time for your scheduled FB profile post comes, Post Planner will send you a mobile notification.

You will then be able to open the Post Planner mobile app and see your post content ready to post to your FB profile manually in a few clicks.

It's not as good as full automation, but it's much better than nothing if you really want to schedule posts to your personal FB profile.

Please check back with us on this feature in August 2022.

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