Want a quick way to add posts that you created outside Post Planner?

These could be posts you published natively on Facebook — or posts you published via other apps.

Not a problem!

Just head to PUBLISHING > Posted in the app.

Click on "FILTER" on the right and you'll see 2 options:



Instead of selecting an option, just click the green refresh button next to "ALL POSTS".

This action make Post Planner fetch all the posts from your Facebook page, no matter which method or app was used to publish them.

You'll see this confirmation once you click the green refresh:

In 10-20 seconds you'll have access to all your posts from the last year.

Refresh the page and you should see them.

Then you can hover over any post to re-use it. You can click:

  • Re-plan — to send the post straight to the end of your queue (one click!)

  • Re-post — to send the post content to the composer, to do what you want with and post wherever you like

Great! But what if you only want to use the top performing posts?

No problem.

Just click the "SORT BY" option and sort your posts by performance (Likes, Shares, etc.).

Then skim the cream from the top of the list!

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