The COMPOSER in Post Planner is where you create and schedule posts.

It's probably the most important tool in the whole app!

You can access the COMPOSER anytime by clicking the green "CREATE POST" button on the right side of the the top nav bar.

Or you can use this url:

These actions will both open the COMPOSER empty — with no pre-loaded content.

You can also access the COMPOSER via the content you find in the app. Just hover over any content item and click the same green "CREATE POST" button:

This will open the COMPOSER with your content item preloaded in the composer — ready for a caption to be added and then to be scheduled or published.

For now, please go to CONTENT (in a new tab), find any article, hover over it and add it to the composer by clicking "CREATE POST".

Then return to this tab and complete the following 9 actions:

  1. Select a profile or list of profiles as the destination for your post

  2. Optimize your post for each social network via network tabs

  3. Upload media to your post

  4. Create and optimize a link post

  5. Use "Add to Plan", "Share Next", "Share Now" or "Schedule Post" send posts

  6. Use Recycle or Repeat to republish evergreen or seasonal content

  7. Re-post top performers from your Posted posts

  8. Create posts with your media in My Library

  9. Bulk upload posts via a spreadsheet

You can use the video below to learn how. Pause the video as you learn to do each action and then go do it in the app!


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