In this tutorial, you will learn how to import, organize and access your "own" content in Post Planner

Your own content includes:

  • Your owned media files (images, videos and gifs)

  • Posts you've already published on your social profiles (via other apps or natively)

  • Articles from your blogs

  • Articles and videos on the web that mention your brands

Once you complete this process, you will have easy and continuous access to your own content in the app β€” so you can post, repurpose and re-publish it as much as you want.

The 5 actions in this step take place in different parts of the app, so please open each of the 5 tutorials below and follow the instructions there:

(NOTE: the links below lead to more specialized tutorials. You can use the back button to return here after each tutorial)

  1. Upload your media files to My Library

  2. Generate β€œAll Posts” from your Facebook pages

  3. Activate and refresh your My Profiles content stream

  4. Activate and refresh My Brand Mentions

  5. Create a β€œMy Blogs” content stream using RSS feeds

One last thing...

If you have all your posts in a spreadsheet, you're in luck! You can import them to Post Planner via our bulk upload feature in the composer.

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