POSTS is where you manage all your planned and published posts.

You can access POSTS anytime by clicking the link in the top nav bar:

Or you can use this url:

Click that link above to open POSTS in a new tab and then come on back here to this tab.

Then complete the following 8 actions:

  1. View your empty time slots

  2. Select a Profile or List

  3. Learn the difference between Planned vs. Scheduled posts

  4. Learn the difference between Recycling vs. Repeating posts

  5. Learn to re-order or re-schedule your posts

  6. Learn to use bulk actions on your posts

  7. Learn about Pending posts

  8. Learn about Failed posts

You can use the video below do all of the above! Pause the video as you learn each one and then go try it (or see where it's done) in the app!

In the video, you will learn:

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