Below are simple solutions to the most common Twitter error messages.

You'll find the error message, a short explanation of the problem, and then the Fix!

Missing Required Parameter: Status

Problem: The tweet is empty.

The Fix: Add text to the tweet.

No Status Found with that ID

Problem: the tweet you're trying to share/retweet is gone — it probably got deleted.

The Fix: Remove the post that includes the deleted tweet.

Tweet needs to be a bit shorter

Your tweet needs to be 280 characters — or less if you include a link or image.

The Fix: Try shortening your text and then retry.

Twitter media upload failed: invalid API response

Twitter did not receive the image or video you uploaded — possibly because of a server or network traffic error.

The Fix: Recreate and retry the post at a different time.

Invalid or expired token

You have been logged out of Twitter.

The Fix: Re-login to Twitter, then re-authorise your Twitter profile in Settings > Social Networks and try again.

Internal error

Twitter goofed! Unknown internal error. 😭

The Fix: Retry the post. If the error persists, try logging out of Twitter and disconnecting the profile from Post Planner. Then re-login to Twitter and re-connect Twitter in your profile in Settings > Social Networks.

This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can't complete this action right now. Please try again later

Twitter thinks your Tweet is spam.

The Fix: Rewrite your post and try again later. If this continues, you may need to file a support request with Twitter or wait a few days and try again.

Image file size must be <= 5242880 bytes

Your image needs to be resized or saved with a lower resolution to create a smaller file size.

The Fix: Resize your image and retry the tweet with the updated image.

Image dimensions must be >= 4x4 and <= 8192x8192

Your image needs to be resized be successfully posted to Twitter.

The Fix: Resize your image and retry the tweet with the updated image.

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