Reconnecting your social profiles to your Post Planner account will refresh and update your data with each social network.

If you've recently changed the name of your social media profiles or updated your password, then refreshing your profiles on Post Planner can solve common errors with posting.

When will I need to reconnect my social profiles?

Please reconnect your social profile if:

  • You have updated the username or icon for a social network
  • You have changed your password
  • A post has failed because your profile needs to be reconnected
  • You have converted your personal Instagram profile to a business profile

How to reconnect & refresh your social profiles

It's easy!

Head to Settings > Social Networks.

  • To reconnect your Facebook pages and groups, click "Refresh" on the Facebook row.
  • To reconnect your Twitter profiles, hover over the profile and click the delete "X" to remove the profile. Then make sure you are logged in to the Twitter account and click "Connect" on the Twitter row.
  • To reconnect your LinkedIn profiles, make sure you are logged in to the Linkedin profile you want to reconnect and then click "Connect" on the Linkedin row.

Common Questions

Do I need to reconnect my Social Profile if I change the name?

  • Yes! If you've changed the name/username of one or more of your social profiles, follow the steps above to reconnect/refresh to make sure your scheduled content continues to post as planned.

Will I lose my scheduled/planned posts if I change the name of my social profile?

  • No, if you change the name one of your connected your social profiles, your content will remain as-is inside Post Planner! But you'll need to reconnect/refresh your profiles using the steps above because your digital token will be invalidated. Reconnecting the profiles you change will refresh them and update the name inside Post Planner but leave your posts unchanged.

Why isn't the profile picture showing for my Instagram account?

  • If the profile picture isn't showing for your Instagram account, this means that it is a personal Instagram profile and not a business profile. To post to Instagram via Post Planner, you'll need to convert your profile to a business profile and connect it via a Facebook Page.

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