If your Facebook Group posts are failing and you're getting error #200 on your failed posts, then this is due to an update by Facebook from 2018.

In order to proceed with posting, you (as Group admin) must add the Post Planner app to the Group settings. This is a one time process that will allow Post Planner to post to a Facebook Group on your behalf.

Take the steps below to add the app to your Facebook Group.

1. Refresh your Facebook token

  • Accept ALL permissions

2. Add the Post Planner app in your Group settings

  • Open the Facebook Group you want to publish to with Post Planner

  • Scroll down and click "Settings" on the bottom left

  • Scroll down to "Apps" on the bottom right and click the pencil "edit" icon

  • Click the blue "Add Apps" button on the popup that appears

  • Type Post Planner in the search field and select the Post Planner app card that appears

  • Click the "Add" button

You're all set!

You've completed the one time authorization required by Facebook and now have the ability to post to your Group.

The error #200 should stop immediately.

If you have more questions, please contact customer support and we'll get you answers!

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