If you’re getting this error, it’s probably because you’re posting too much low-quality content too often.

Facebook limits pages that post a lot, but don’t get much engagement. You need to have enough engaged fans to be able to post more.

Common Error 32 Message

  • (#32) Page Request Limited Reached

The Fix

Post less often. Take it down to 2-3 times per day.

Post better content. The more often you post content that gets zero or low engagement, the more likely get this error. Try using 4+ star content from the CONTENT section in Post Planner.

In July 2016, Facebook added rate limits to stop pages from posting to Facebook too much, if they weren’t getting any engagement.

Basically you can use Facebook (through apps) relative to how many engaged fans your page has. So if you try to post a ton of content, and haven’t received any engagement recently, Facebook will limit how much you can post the next day.

This rate limit applies to all apps that you use to manage your page.

More information can be found on Facebook’s blog post.

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