Did your Post Planner post fail to publish?

In this article you'll learn how to locate the post, learn why it failed, and (hopefully) correct the problem so it doesn't happen again!

First Step

The first thing you should do when you think a post has failed is go to PUBLISHING > Posted > Failed in the app:

Once you're there, click the profile(s) where the failed post was supposed to publish. Then try to find the post.

If you find the post in the Failed section, then it definitely failed — and you can skip to the Section 3 below to learn what caused the failure and what to do next.

If you can't find the post in Failed, then the post either failed silently (which is extremely rare), or something else happened — probably one of these 2 things:

  1. The post has the wrong time zone (and/or time) and is still waiting to publish in Planned

  2. The post is stuck in Pending

1. Time zone problems

Did you schedule your post(s) with the right time zone?

You can check by going to PUBLISHING > Planned and looking for your post. 🤞🏼

If the post is not there, you can skip to Section 2 below.

If your post is there, then the post probably has a posting time you didn't intend. You may need to correct its time zone.

You can do this by going to your time zone settings in these 2 places:

Make sure the time zones in both these places are correct. Then check the post again and edit the posting time or delete and re-schedule as needed.

2. Posts stuck in Pending

If you can't find your missing post in Failed or Planned, then it may be in Pending.

Pending is where posts go when the posting plan doesn't have time slots or days that allow them.

For example, this profile's posting plan has no time slots that allow videos:

Because of this, any planned video posts will have no time slots to drop into — so they will end up in Pending like this:

Posts can also end up in Pending if all the days are deactivated in the plan.

To move a post from Pending to Planned, simply go to Posting Plans and activate a day and time slot for the post's content type.

3. Failed Posts

If you do see your failed post(s) in Failed, then the next thing to do is click the post and read the error message.

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