Wondering how to permanently delete your Post Planner account? Post Planner is designed to automatically revert your paid plan to our Pro (Free) plan at the end of it's subscription period.

If you signed up for the Pro plan, you have access for life to the Pro plan.

Based on this design, there isn't a way to permanently delete your Post Planner account within your app. 

But you can disconnect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and deny access. You can do this by disabling access in two different ways.

Disable Social Profiles

  1. Change your Facebook and/or Twitter password. Go to your Facebook and Twitter account to change your password. Post Planner is now disconnected from your social profiles unless you were to re-authorize.
  2. Remove the Post Planner app (deny access) from your Facebook preferences. Go to > Settings > Business Integrations from within Facebook and delete the Post Planner application. 

If you still have content in the app, you can remove any of your planned or scheduled content with the steps here:

Delete Planned Content

To delete your planned posts, first go to Settings > Default and add each social account to your default. 

You'll do this by clicking the + and choosing any page, group or profile that has existing content.

Next, go to the Post section. There you'll see all social profiles, including their planned posts.

Hover over any of the posts to see a checkbox next to it on the right. Check that box and then you'll see a checkbox up top next to Planned, check that box to select all the planned posts. 

Now click on the down arrow next to the checkbox to select the "delete all" option from the dropdown. 

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