If you're getting an error and your Facebook posts are failing, you may need to remove and update the app within Facebook.

Below are the steps to completely remove and reset the app, refresh your tokens, and get the app back up and running.

1. Login to Facebook and navigate to Settings > Business Integrations

2. Locate the Post Planner app, check the "Remove" checkbox, and click "Remove"

[NOTE: this will have no effect on your scheduled posts or data inside of Post Planner]

3. Once Post Planner is removed from Facebook, logout of your Facebook account

[NOTE: the next step (Step 4) can be skipped the first time you try this process, as it requires you to log out and back in to all your apps... which isn't fun!]

4. Clear your browser's history, cookies and cache for all time. The keyboard shortcut to this is CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE.

For Chrome, here's how to it looks:

5. Now close your browser and re-open it

6. Launch Facebook and login

7. Open another tab on the same browser, and login to Post Planner:

8. Accept ALL Facebook permissions that Post Planner asks for

IMPORTANT: You MUST click click "Accept" and agree to EVERY prompt asking for Facebook Permissions for Post Planner. We only ask for the permissions Post Planner needs to run properly. The app will not work without ALL being accepted.

9. Once you're logged in to Post Planner, go to Settings > Social Networks and click on the "Refresh" button:

You're all set!

Please try again the Post Planner functionality you were having problems with before.

If you still have problems, reply to our support messages or email [email protected].

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