Facebook engagement has dropped significantly over the years. Upwards of 20% since 2017 according to BuzzSumo who analyzed over 880 million Facebook posts by brands and publishers.

If you're sweating thinking about that downward spiral, don't panic! We've put together 3 proven strategies that'll help you increase Facebook engagement using Post Planner as your social media secret weapon. 

To win the war over Facebook organic reach, read on. We have the solution!

1. Find content that’s scientifically proven to increase engagement and reach

Post Planner has an incredibly handy feature called FIND that is specifically designed to surface not just content for Facebook, but proven content...

... Posts, articles, and images that have already shown to be popular.

This is an important point that we want to stress.

Without Post Planner, businesses and marketers use RSS Feeds and email subscriptions and other means to try to keep their social channels fueled with fresh content...

...And those methods are OK, except for that major difference - the content isn’t rated.

When you see an article in your RSS feed or on another website, you have only your own intuition to gauge whether or not your audience might actually be interested in that piece of content.

With Post Planner, each discovered piece of content receives a 5-star rating so that you easily know how it’s performed so far.

Within Find you can choose to look at our Popular folders, Industries or the Status Ideas library for proven social media content. 

Within each you’ll find tabs for Photos, Articles and/or Statuses, depending on the type of content and what’s available.

So, suppose you want to begin setting up Facebook posts of great quotes. you'd go to Find, click on Quotes, and start looking through the great image quotes that Post Planner found.

If you want to share text only, you'd click on Statuses. And you can choose to change the default date range from the past week to New or Month.

Post Planner shows you where each piece of content was discovered, and if you hover over the star rating you can see what the actual response was. ⭐️

But this is only the beginning! Next up, we'll show you how to find great content and add it to your Post Planner account so great content is always right at your fingertips.

2. Add proven content to the "My Content" section

Now it's time to use the FIND feature to discover great content, drop it into the composer, and then add it to the "My Content" section for a consistent stream of industry specific content.

Here's how:

  • Search Content by Keyword, Facebook Page, Hashtag or Twitter Profile

Your first step is to find top performing content in Post Planner. This is a simple process and one you'll want to perform for each keyword your company currently uses, is known for, and wants to follow. 

The example below will show you how to search by keyword, but you can also search by any of our other options. 

This is going to help you find those 5 star posts, identify the brand or person sharing that content, and quickly add them to your custom content section in Post Planner. 

  • Go to Find (left sidebar menu)
  • Type in cupcakes (because they make us happy) 😀
  • Choose "Cupcake Project"
  • If you love this feed, click "Save" to add to your "My Content" section. Now you can come back day after day and share those delectable treats!
  • Add Content to Your Plan

To really boost your Facebook engagement, start sharing the proven content you find. As you discover great content, it's easy to add to the composer and into your Post Planner Plan.

When you hover over any piece of content, click "Share." This will drop that content into the composer. 

Now you can add anything to your post like a description or hashtags.

Once you're done, it's time to add this content to your Plan. This will pair it with the time associated with the type of content. (e.g. image post at 7am)

Once you're finished crafting your masterpiece, click "Add to Plan." If you want to edit, move, or delete the post - head over to Post in the left menu.


FIND and save feeds using Post Planner search: 

  • Facebook pages by pasting Facebook page URL (example: facebook.com/postplanner)
  • Twitter @handles (example: twitter.com/postplanner)
  • Instagram #hashtags feeds after connecting your Instagram account
  • RSS feeds by pasting "XML Based Feed" URL. Make sure the URL ends with .rss or /feed or /feeds etc. 
  • Pinterest feeds by pasting Pinterest URL and adding /feed.rss to the end of the URL. Post Planner example: https://www.pinterest.com/postplanner/feed.rss
  • Search in our database by adding any keyword or phrase

3. Reach your audience at the most optimal time (automate posting)

Post Planner makes it easy to add your best times to post to your Plan. 

But before you can increase engagement and get your content in front of the right people, you need to know the best times to post for your business (aka when the most people are engaging) - not a general overview.

Why should you worry about finding your best times to post? 

  • It's critical for you to know the best time for the highest average click-through rate (CTR) (meaning the number of people who click on the link).
  • The worst times to post (why waste great content when no one is around?)
  • What content is giving you the maximum engagement boost.

Let's head over to Facebook to find your best time. It's a quick process that will make a huge difference in the activity on your Facebook posts.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook page and click on “Insights.”

Step 2: Click “posts” in the left navigation and you’ll see a week view of your most trafficked times on your page.

You’ll see the reach for each day and then a graphic of when people are online. We have a 24-hour audience since we are an international company, therefore we schedule posts around the clock. Your timing will be based on similar factors.

Step 3: If you scroll down your page, you’ll see a more detailed view of all posts from the last week. We recommend sorting by reach. Then you can dig a little deeper to see when your best posts were published.

Step 4: Create Your Customized Plan

Now you're ready to create a customized plan with your best times to post. It's easy to do and only takes a minute to set up!

STEP 1: Click Plan icon (2nd from the top in Post Planner)

STEP 2: Edit the default schedule for all profiles

  • This is where you'll choose what type of content you want to post at what time (e.g. image vs link)

STEP 3: You can also create a whole new plan by clicking on “add a New Plan.” Now you start from scratch to create a custom schedule for any Page, Profile, or Group.


So, there it is! Our 3 best tips to use Post Planner to increase Facebook engagement and WOW your fans.

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to put all 3 of these into action. Then we want to hear from you!

  • What were your results? 
  • What type of content performed the best? 
  • What times worked best for you, and why?

Shoot us an email at the link below and we might feature your story!

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