The biggest struggle for anyone managing social media is finding and sharing content consistently. That's where Post Planner's FIND feature comes in.

It's specifically designed to surface not just content for Twitter or Facebook, but proven content...

...Posts and articles and images that have already shown to be popular.

Post Planner gives each discovered piece of content a 5-star rating so that you easily know how it’s performed so far.

Within Find you can choose to look at our Popular folders. That's everything from Quotes to Engaging content, Interesting content, Funny content, Business content, Marketing content, Top News or Random content.

Within each you’ll find tabs for Photos, Articles and/or Statuses, depending on the type of content and what’s available.

So, suppose you want to begin setting up tweets of great quotes. You will go to Find, click on Quotes, and start looking through the great image quotes that Post Planner found.

If you want to share text only, click on Statuses. You can also choose to change the default date range from the past week to New or Month.

Post Planner shows you where each piece of content was discovered, and if you hover over the star rating you can see what the actual response was.

Each time you see a great quote image, queuing it up is as easy as hovering over the image and clicking Share.

You can share the image as-is, or type in the quote text, or say whatever you want. 

If you've already set up a sharing schedule for your profiles, you'll have specific timeslots for images already set aside.

In that case, simply click Add to Plan and this post will be queued up to share at a later date.

This is an easy, and effective, way to find content to share to Twitter, including quotes and questions you might ask your audience.

You can also use the search bar to find content based on any hashtag, keyword or Twitter handle.

Plus, by using Post Planner, you can decide in advance how you want to schedule and space out your posts and types of posts.

For instance, maybe you want to share one quote or question a day, two images, and three linked articles. Your Post Planner Plan will help you arrange that.

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